A new BCAA system audiovisual tale emerged in a soft, entangled process – it stretches across this video, a recent music compilation release, and even physical shapes in Galerie Art. All the parts overflow into each other: Fragments of the compilation being layered as a soundtrack ~ shatters of narration escaping the frame into the audiospace... The creatures, feelings and landscapes who fill this multifaceted story with sounds and images were born through a special deck of fantasy cards shaped by collective talking about pains and wishes – the most personal, the global, the planetary or those the future-stars might have the moment before the fusion. 

Characters//fragments of tracks by: 
Ninja Priest ~ The Seed of the Landscape
Trauma ~ The Wetland of Rebirth
bilej kluk ~ The Crypt of the Night
3C 273 ~The Blind Sense
eva01 ~ The Great Drought
MARTYYNA ~ The Storm of Change
Aiden ~ The Arrant Army
Wim Dehaen ~ The Swarm
93echoesandsirens ~ The Wanderer
Obelisk of Light ~ The Distant Observer
Enchanted Lands ~ The Withheld Longing
axonbody ~The Wishing Well
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